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Storybook Characters

Ice Queen

Meet Fairy Dust Entertainment's Ice Queen. She is beautifully poised yet witty and playful. She can be even more fun with her sister, the Ice Princess. Her beloved dress, like the majority of our dresses, is custom made by a professional seamstress and sparkles in even the dimmest of rooms. *Unfortunately all powers are prohibited of use during parties and events, but this won't prevent us from having snowball fights on even the hottest of days* 

Ice Princess

Meet Fairy Dust Entertainment's Ice Princess. She is a coiled spring of joy, who will not disappoint. Our Ice Princess attends events in her finest dress, made for her sister's coronation! She loves to twirl, sing, and eat sandwiches! She alone is a blast but together with her sister your event will certainly be unforgettable.

Fairest Princess

Meet Fairy Dust Entertainment's Fairest Princess. She is unable to see evil in the world. By nature she is optimistic, dreamy, and multitalented. Cooking, baking, singing and dancing are some of her favorite things to do! The Fairest Princess is altogether chipper and would very much enjoy telling you a story or two about her adventures while waiting for her true love.

Reading Princess

Fairy Dust Entertainment's Reading Princess is always up for a good story. Her favorite stories are those she can relate to her own life's adventures. She is a true beauty and yet found herself lonely and wanting to find not only love, but a genuine friend! She found much more than she could've ever expected in an enchanted castle! Won't you invite our Reading Princess to be your guest; she can share tales of adventure, true love, and maybe even a dance lesson or two!

Mermaid Princess

Meet Fairy Dust Entertainment's Mermaid Princess. Our Mermaid Princess loves to ask questions about items she has never seen before. She can be a bit clumsy at times as she is still adjusting to her new legs and feet! Her multi-layered dress is perfect for dancing and twirling at your next event, and she may bring her treasure chest along to show some of her gadgets, gizmos, and thingamajigs!

Seaside Prince

Meet Fairy Dust Entertainment's Seaside Prince. As an expert sailor, swimmer, and swordsman he's a rather honorable Prince and experienced story teller. He is a true romantic; after being rescued by a mysterious woman, he made it his mission to find the woman with the most beautiful voice he has ever heard. Once he found her, the two were married and are living happily ever after!

Dreaming Princess

Meet Fairy Dust Entertainment's Dreaming Princess. She is the perfect picture of elegance and grace. She radiates a gentle, loving, and curious nature. Being a hopeless romantic, she is sure to mention her handsome Prince and their recent Royal Balls at the palace. A dance lesson is always due when mentioning a ball, right?

Glass Slipper Princess

We hope you'll allow us to personally introduce you to our Glass Slipper Princess. She believed that kindness is not a symbol for weakness and hoped that she would find happiness somewhere other than her dreams. She loves to share the story of how she managed to make her way to the royal ball, just in time, with the help of a few friends; and met her Prince Charming.

Charming Prince

Our Charming Prince is truly that, charming. He is an expert swordsman and enjoys riding horses. Charming, like his love interest, is accepting of those around him and also believes kindness is not a symbol for weakness. His goal in life was  to find a love as true as the love his own parents, the King and Queen, shared. After finding the Glass Slipper Princess, nothing-not even orders from his father could keep him away from her. Invite this dreamy couple to your event and it is sure to be a Royal Ball.

Tower Princess

Meet Fairy Dust Entertainment's Tower Princess. She loves being barefoot and may even show up to your event without shoes! Her bestfriend is a chameleon and her weapon of choice is a frying pan. She is making the most out of her life; her appetite for adventure and following her dreams is limitless! 

It is not the intention of Fairy Dust Entertainment to violate any copyright laws. Our characters are NOT name brand copyrighted characters. Our characters are generic and we can only accept bookings from individuals who are aware that we DO NOT represent any licensed characters. If you are requiring a licensed, copyrighted character for your event, you should contact the company/copyright holders.