Meet the Crew


Emily started working with Fairy Dust Entertainment in April of 2019. She works as a Freelance Casting Agent, Actress, and Nanny. Her hobbies include playing ukelele and singing. Emily's birthday is December 1st.  Emily has had the opportunity to play the roles of Wonder Chick and Reading Princesses.

Emily's Favorite Character: "I LOVE Wonder Woman, especially Gal Gadot's recent portrayal of the character. She knows she is strong, but even though she has powers from the gods, she continues to hones her skills. She is brave and kind and stands up for what is right; and I strive to emulate those qualities in my everyday life."


Eric has been an actor with Fairy Dust Entertainment since July 2016. He is a father to 2 beautiful little girls and a husband to a very supportive and loving wife. Eric is attending school to earn his teaching degree, as well as working in mobile sales. His birthday is January 11th. Eric's main character role with FDE is Super Guy, but he fills in as the Bat and Captain as well.

Eric's Favorite Character: "Spider-Man, he is so mysterious under that mask!!" 


Haley started working with Fairy Dust Entertainment in the Spring of 2018. She works as a paralegal through the week, in addition to modeling and baking on the side. She has a long term goal to learn a second language and is currently studying Russian. Her birthday is October 10th. Haley has played the roles of our Maid of Mischief, Bat Lady, Ice Queen, Ice Princess, Glass Slipper Princess, Dreaming Princess, and Tower Princess.

Haley's favorite character: "My favorite character is Rapunzel for her determination, charisma, and kindness!'


Adam became an actor for Fairy Dust Entertainment pretty much from the start (July 2015) and in that time has also developed and created a handful of props used by the characters.  He is married to Jessica (owner) and they have 2 lovely daughters.  Adam is a sheet metal worker, welder, and fabricator.  His birthday is November 23rd and he plays the role of Spidey.

 Adam's Favorite Character: Iron Man is my favorite because his character is the most practical and realistic, since all of his "powers" are made.


Lydea became a member of the Fairy Dust Entertainment family in June 2017. She is a high school student and a dancer. She aspires to be a teacher. Her birthday March 1st. Lydea has had the opportunity to play our Beauty Princess, Wonder Chick, and Mermaid Princess.
Lydea's Favorite Character- "Belle is my favorite character because of how she sees the good in everyone. She is protective of the ones she loves and isn't afraid to be different. Plus she loves to read!"


Abby joined Fairy Dust Entertainment as a performer in June 2017. She is a student as well as a dancer at a local studio. She has played the role of Super Gal, Bat Lady, The Glass Slipper Princess, Ice Princess, Dreaming Princess, Mermaid Princess, and The Tower Princess. Abby's birthday is September 10th.

Abby's Favorite Character: "Cinderella, because she is hardworking, but also graceful in all that she does. She is gentle and compassionate towards others. Also Rapunzel, she is brave and not afraid of chasing her dreams." 


Sidney has been apart of the Fairy Dust Entertainment cast since May 2018. She is also a hair stylist and makeup artist. Sidney has an on-going goal to continue to improve her knowledge and talents in the beauty industry. She enjoys acting and singing in community theatre as often as she can. Crocheting and drawing are hobbies that Sidney enjoys as well as spending time with family. Sidney's birthday is December 6th.

Sidney's Favorite Character: "Belle was always my favorite growing up. I love that she is intelligent, she embraces who she is, and isn't afraid to stand for what she believes in."


Nathan was hired as an actor for Fairy Dust Entertainment in February of 2018. He works in sales and is an actor in a few films. His ultimate goal is to be a full-time actor and filmmaker. Nathan likes being outdoors in his free time enjoying activities like running, hiking, sports, and weight lifting. His birthday is March 28th.

Nathan's Favorite Character: "Peter Pan is my favorite character; because growing up is for pirates, and I will never grow up."


Meet Blythe! She joined Fairy Dust Entertainment in April 2018. She is a Freelance Digital Storyteller and manages Fairy Dust Entertainment's social media accounts. Her goal is to make music videos and video documentaries. When Blythe isn't working she enjoys spending time with her pets. Blythe's birthday is August 18th.

Blythe's Favorite Character: "Supergirl, because she has relatable quirks; and she inspires others to greatness and optimism even in difficult circumstances." "I embraced who I am and I don't want to stop."


Andrea joined the Fairy Dust Entertainment Family in Spring of 2018 as Director of Marketing and Customer Service. Through the week she is the Marketing Team Lead for a local wholesale store. In her free time she likes to spend time crafting. Her favorite crafts are knitting, crochet, painting, and sculpting. Andrea's aspirations in life are to be a good person and to keep the magic alive in everyone's hearts. Her birthday is November 17th.

Andrea's Favorite Character: "My favorite character is Rapunzel. She is full of curiosity and determination. Rapunzel follows her dreams no matter what obstacles get in her way."


This is Olivia. She started working with Fairy Dust Entertainment in January 2019. She is pursuing an acting career, while also working with and acting in theater productions. Olivia has a long term goal to move to LA to pursue film acting. Her hobbies include playing instruments, knitting, reading, and going to concerts. Olivia's birthday is on December 8th

Olivia's Favorite Character: "Mary Poppins because she is whimsical in the best ways. When I was little, Mary Poppins would transport me and leave me awestruck! I want to be her when I grow up."


Madison joined Fairy Dust Entertainment in the beginning of 2017. Madison is a full time mom and college student. She is going to school to become a biology teacher. Madison enjoys spending time with her family, especially her son, and in her spare time she likes to coach cheerleading competitions. Madison's birthday is November 7th.

Madison's Favorite Character: "Ariel is my favorite character because I've always loved the ocean. I also have lots of sisters, so I felt we had a connection. It didn't hurt that I had a childhood crush on Prince Eric."

It is not the intention of Fairy Dust Entertainment to violate any copyright laws. Our characters are NOT name brand copyrighted characters. Our characters are generic and we can only accept bookings from individuals who are aware that we DO NOT represent any licensed characters. If you are requiring a licensed, copyrighted character for your event, you should contact the company/copyright holders.

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